About Us

DFK FILMS arose from Cactus Film and Filmcollective Zürich. Successful films are made by the right key people working well as a collective. The Golden Palm winner “YOL” was successfully presented in more than 50 territories. The finally completed and restored “YOL – The Full Version” was acclaimed enthusiastically at the Cannes Classics program 2017.

Since 1989 dfk script service consultants have been offering high quality story/script analysis and development to the industry – usually with no credit or under pseudonym. Discretion is guaranteed. Our consultants were working as film professionals. They share their vast knowledge and experience in film production and distribution. Some were teaching as guest lecturers at film schools, universities and workshops for film professionals. Until fall 2018 we covered some 1149 scripts, wrote and/or polished 102 and are developing 5 of our own.