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Reading Report (2-4 pages)
  • Chart Evaluation
  • Synopsis
  • Reader’s Coverage

Our clear and precise coverage consists of a general overview of the story and its potential, allowing our customers to make up their own mind. We write our reports in German, French and English. Short notice (a few hours) delivery available.

Price: 400 Euros. Quantity rebate available.


Short Script Coverage (5 to 10 pages)
  • Evaluation Chart
  • Synopsis
  • In-depth Evaluation Covering
    – Story/Plot
    – Genre
    – Characters
    – Credibility
    – Themes
    – Dialogue

The Short Script Coverage is an excellent tool to help decide what directions to take in the script development process.

Price: from 700 Euros


Script Coverage (15 to 30 pages)
  • Story-Step-Outline (4-6 pages)
  • Questions and Notes (4-6 pages)
  • In-depth Analysis (10-15 pages)

In form of a Story Step Outline (SSO) we reproduce the entire script on just a few pages. We summarize plot and story without any interpretation.

A fully developed story for a full-length feature film is composed of round about 40 steps (according to Paul Schrader).
The SSO reflects all steps and actions of the protagonist on the way to his/her final goal.
This intensive examination of the screenplay raises a multitude of questions and comments. These  150-180 questions and comments are an important part of our in-depth-analysis.
Answering these questions enables the systematic further development of the screenplay.

We treat:

– Motto
– Logline
– Synopsis
– Structure
– Genre
– Charakters
– Dialogue
– Themes
– Subject | Sujet, social impact
– Credibility
– Irony
– Tone
– Final Impact

Our straight to the point in-depth analysis provides a strong input for the improvement and rewriting of a script.

Fee: from 5.000 Euros


Story consulting , script doctoring etc. – price on request.